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Occaisionally people call us to ask if we take reservations. Grendel's Den is "seat yourself," so we don't take reservations. We welcome you to come in and find a table anytime from 11:30 am til 1 am. Food is served until 11:30 pm.

For people who would like to make reservations for larger parties at lunch time, we are often able to accomodate you for parties of 8 or more between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Larger parties for dinner should know that we keep four tables available for parties of 5 or more, which generally means that larger parties have preferrence for those seats.

Grendel's has outdoor patio seating from April 1st through November 30th overlooking Winthrop Park. We are required by law to serve food with alcoholic beverages. We do not offer our half-price deal at the patio tables.

Half Price:

Half-Price hours are from 5:00 pm til 7:30 pm every evening. You must make a minumum of a $3 beverage purchase to qualify for half price food. We can get very busy toward the end of our half price hours, so please arrive with enough time to find a table and place your order before the end of the promotion times. We are not able to provide you the discount based on the time you arrive, rather it is based on the time your order is entered into our computer.


Our sign outside says "Est. 1271". People frequently wonder why this seemingly impossible date is posted. The truth is that we were established in 1971, and there was an error in printing. We decided to run with it, since the medieveal date actually evokes the period during which "Beowulf" was written, the classic of early modern English literature from which our name was taken. Beowulf is a hero who slays an ogre named Grendel, who terrorized a great mead hall. We figured, Grendel may have been an hideous ogre, but he knew a good mead hall when he saw one.

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Info & News About Location FAQ